Sunday, August 31, 2008

4th Annual Indian BBQ

We had a lot of fun today at my parents 4th annual Indian Motorcycle BBQ. It is something that everyone looks forward to every labor day weekend, and since we couldn't be in Canada this weekend, it was the next best place for us. Everyone was looking forward to seeing Camden this year since he was just hangin' out in my belly last year. People came from all over New England, and we had some great looking bikes like always. Good food, good friends, and a good time. Special thanks to my Mother for going above and beyond like she always does and making it such a great time. No one can do it better than she can.
Now without any further adue.... the pictures!
Kathy and Camden
Some of the bikes....
Daddy giving Mommy a heart attack.

Potter from Long Island's bike. No matter how many times I see it, I love it! It is just beautiful and grabs the attention out of them all!

Just a small portion of the bikes that came.
Mommy and Daddy... awww! I actually really love this picture. So in loveeeeee!

Ok, I think my mom is done for the day huh?

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