Sunday, January 30, 2011

Missing In Action

I have been missing in action the past week because I figured out by the time Thursday rolled around, I felt so crappy because I have another kidney stone making its way through the system. Not fun while 26 weeks pregnant, it makes me want to stab someone violently actually.

I must admit though, the boys must know I am not feeling very well because they have been really well behaved during this time.

Tuesday I have an appointment with my urologist, and while I am praying it passes before then, I am hoping if it doesn't there is actually something they can do for me. Being pregnant seriously limits the surgical options for the stone. :(

Monday, January 24, 2011

Casino Time!

Yesterday myself, and my Dad made our way to Mohegan Sun casino for a buffet with a bunch of guys that he rides motorcycles with... It was a blast, much needed adult interaction time I needed!

I always look forward to going...

First is the group shot of everyone who came, then some pictures I took of the amazing glass sculpture they have in the center of the casino by the indoor waterfalls.

I can't wait till spring though!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nursery Progress Again?

I spoke too soon yesterday when I wrote my post... After we were done with the crib, will decided he was in the mood to put up some of the wall art we have, and the project started...

We moved a ton of stuff around because I decided that I didn't want the baby's crib that close to the window. I originally planned on putting it in the corner diagonal from where it is right now.

Now we just have to move some of the other furniture that isn't staying in the room, get the vanity installed so it is out of the room, buy the dresser, and put up the other wall art... and we will be golden... Well minute the rug... I still need to find one of those...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Nursery Progress

Just wanted to share a couple pictures of the slight progress I have made over the past week....

I captioned all the stuff, including the cat who snuck in the picture... Some of our cloth diapers

I have been told to stop shopping for the time being. My sister is apparently having a small baby shower for me, and the baby, so I figured I can chill out until afterward. I can get the dresser in the mean time and have Will work on setting the crib up.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Really... You Aren't Missing Anything!

I promise!
This week has been incredibly uneventful besides the passing of my childhood/teenage years dog Spike. We are totally heart broken, but he was old in terms of dog years. He was a chihuahua, and made it to 10.
In the recent years, he had started to go gray, and become unable to control his bladder and bowel. It was really sad.

We haven't been out of the house in days, and we are supposed to get MORE snow tomorrow... Can I start waving my little white flag yet because I really am starting to lose it... really...

Friday, January 14, 2011

Update on my 365 photo project

I figured I would share the photographs I put up on my 365 photo project on my website so far since I only shared 2 of them here thus far. If you want the full description and mini posts that go along with the pictures, you are going to have to click on the link above to read...

They all seem pretty random without the explanations that go along with them though... LOL

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pregnancy Update...

Well this past Sunday marked 23 weeks, and I am just another 3 days away from being 24 weeks... which means we have hit viability! God forbid anything happened to bring this one on early, we would be on the safer side of things... although I am sure she will be stubborn like Camden and stay as long as she pleases.

This also marks roughly 15 weeks until she is here. The more I play the numbers in my head with all I want and need to get done, the more I feel like I am starting to freak out.

Today Camden and I listened to her heartbeat while Ben was napping and we talked about his little sister, and he said he was going to be her big protector. It melted my heart.

I have a long list of stuff that needs to get done, and then a couple things I would like to get done before she comes. One of those things is actually picking out a name for her... LOL

  • Make my own Wooden Owl Shelves for her room (Thank you Etsy for the idea, but I am not spending $70+ on three shelves I can make!)
  • Buy an Infant Car seat
  • Invest in a New Stroller (this is one of those... I would like to do, but just maybe)
  • Buy her clothes (Which I think I have been doing pretty good at!)
  • Finish her room... and by this I mean we have everything to do still... Empty it, paint it, build the crib, decorate... e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!
  • Wash all the bedding for the co-sleeper
  • Organize my desk and bedroom... anyone want to help with that?
  • Buy a crib mattress...
  • Build the swing, bouncer, etc...
Needless to say, my to-do list is starting to freak me out... I haven't been able to cross anything off of it recently and it is starting to really bother me...

In other pregnancy related news, I think I am getting PUPPPS again. It is a skin condition that really there is no cure for but delivery. I had it with Camden and it sucked big time... I am praying it is only a small rash that is going to go away, but with my history... I am not too optimistic.

Also, I am starting to find it hard to get comfortable at night again... the constant pelvic pain is killing me. I think I am going to be trading in my bed for the couch soon... That is the only place I could get comfortable with Ben.

A lot of complaining right? Overall I feel good though... No sickness, I am slowly starting to get my energy back... and when I take a shower and get dressed, I feel like a million bucks! If I could only do that daily right? Haha!

As for this snow, I will be glad when it starts to get a little warm out again and we can get out of the house on a constant basis...

Oh, and an update with a picture from my 365 photo project for today... The "before" picture of the nursery...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Playing in the Snow

Remember my post about 16 inches and counting? Yeah... some area's of our yard had over 20 inches of snow... no joke!

While Ben was taking a nap, Camden decided he wanted to go out and play so I got him bundled up in his snow suit, hat, and other winter apparel, and out he went... with Daddy and one of the other guys from the fire house...

Into the snow he goes!

Giving Daddy love since he hadn't seen him all night...

Check out his hand... He was making a snow ball to throw at Daddy... Haha!
I just loved this picture... LOLCamden throwing his snow ball at Daddy...Getting some more snow to reload and start over...
Then he decided he wanted to help shovel... It didn't last long though...And then he returned the shovel...

I was surprised... He stayed out in the snow playing for about 20 minutes give or take... he came back in as an icicle though... LOL

16 inches and counting...

And it is still snowing...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mom Vs. The Grocery Store

Typically a trip to the grocery store isn't all that bad... but we are expecting some insane blizzard tonight that is supposed to bring us 8-16 inches of snow so I knew it wasn't going to be my typical grocery trip.

I don't mind going to the store, actually I like going because I can plan my menu in my head, price compare and not worry about all the added stuff that my husband would typically come home with, although he is getting better with that these days... LOL

So, after trying to get to the store for the past 4 days, I knew I needed to get there today... snow and all. My kids would have offed me without juice, fruit, and snacks over the next 48 hours I estimate we will be snowed in for.

I had to sike myself up for it... which was kinda sad. I have heard all these horror stories about the grocery store before a storm. Old ladies beating people with canes for a loaf of bread... the soccer mom running you over with her cart for a gallon of milk... you get the point...

Finally about 11:45 we were out the door... Headed to Stop and Shop, and I thought it was going to be all out war when I entered the parking lot. It was packed. But when I got into the store it really wasn't that bad! I was shocked... all the horror tales, and it was just like a typical day at the store.

Lesson learned today? The grocery store before a storm really isn't all that bad...

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow, Weekend, more Baby Stuff!

Well unless you live under a New England rock, you know we got pounded again by snow this weekend. It started on Friday, and lasted into Saturday leaving us with a pretty decent amount of snow, messy roads, and car accidents up the wazoo. I think in Connecticut alone there was something like 200 reported accidents across the state. That is a ton!

Of course we stayed in the house until Saturday came and I dared to leave with Camden in tow. Will watched Ben while he napped and got some stuff done around the house that he had on his to do list... and I went sale hunting.

I saw a TON of clearance stuff earlier in the week at Target, so I wanted to go pick through it to see if I could get any great deals... A couple things I picked up... (I also included an outfit I found at Carters when I went to pick up pants for Camden)

This is my Carter's find... I thought I would look through the clearance stuff for little girls while I was buying 3T (yes, 3T... he totally skipped over 2T) pants for Camden... $5.99! And it matches the Owl theme for her room... Omg too cute!

This came in a 2 pack package with the white hearts outfit below... Two sets of PJ's with zippers, which are my fav, and the easiest to use... for $3.98!

I was super excited about the BabyLegs I got... each pair was only $6.98 when they are normally $10 and up... I found a couple cute pairs online last week for almost $20 a pair! So when I saw them on clearance, I picked out the ones I loved... Plus with her being a spring/summer baby these will come in handy for late nights, like the softball games for the fire house, etc.

Enough with the baby stuff though... LOL! I know it is cute to look at, but of course I wanted to share some pictures of the beautiful snow we got. Literally when I say beautiful... I mean it looked like it was straight out of a Normal Rockwell painting... or a Christmas eve movie.

Of course the Christmas lights couldn't come down this weekend because of the snow, but Will wouldn't let me plug them in to take pictures at night either. LOL

The view from our front door...
Our back yard... I am actually surprised I didn't get a shot with the dogs because they were out LOVING every minute of the snow. Yesterday when we set out for our trip to Ikea, Will actually had to go outside, and pick up Fenway and carry her up the stairs to get her into the house because she was refusing to come in... You would think she was a husky! LOL

Overall it was a good weekend... I am on a mission to annoy will into getting paint and painting the nursery so I can start working on crafts and stuff to accent the room. He says that he could get it all done in "three days" but I don't want to wait another two months until I have a couple weeks left to start accenting everything... I wish he would just listen to me and my OCD nesting I am having and please me with a whole hour of his time... Its not like it is a giant room!

By the way, yesterday marked my 23 week mark of pregnancy, which means I have 16 weeks left... EEK!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Paint choices & A Special Delivery

Will and I have been going back and forth on paint choices... I think he may win the battle too, especially since he is going to be the one actually painting the nursery.

I was looking at pinks, of course... what else would I be looking at? Well he decided there is going to be wayyyy too much pink in the room, so he thinks we should paint it a light pastel green.

These are the final paint samples we have narrowed it down to... although the picture isn't that great. The front runner is a color called Lime Sorbet. Sounds delicious more than anything!
He likes one called Minty but if I have to settle for the green, I am picking it out!

Just in time for these choices, our crib arrived yesterday. I actually am kinda pushing for cleaning the room out, and painting this weekend because I want to get the crib put together... I am going nuts just sitting here looking at it like this...

I can't wait to get it out of the box and set up, although I know it is going to be a while before that happens. One step at a time of course!

Monday, January 3, 2011

365 Day Photo Project

I started a 365 day photo project for 2011 on my other blog. (

I wanted to share the two pictures for January 1st, and 2nd... I figure I will cross post them here every once and a while to try and keep the pictures up for the family also...

January 1st - A 60 degree day where we were able to actually go to the beach and run around with the kids... It was a blast!

January 2nd - Organizing the blankets for our baby girl... now to get the rest of her room in order. Gotta start somewhere right?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sale Sale Sale!

Yesterday Will had to drive to New Hampshire, and he decided to take Camden along for the trip. Ben, myself, and Grandma Ole went shopping... isn't that how it always goes? LOL

I had a coupon for an additional 40% off of all clearance items I could stuff into a re-usable Babies R Us tote, so we thought we would check out and see what they had. Well, long story short... I got about $60 worth of stuff for $36... that isn't counting the adorable blankets Grandma bought for the baby when we later made our way through the Target clearance section...

Bargain Shoppers!

I wanted to share some of the cuteness...

The blankets!

Aren't the feet the cutest thing EVER??

Her Thanksgiving dress

The puppy on this says "I love you SNOW much" HAH!

Newborn hats!
And little mini newborn pants!

I came home, unpacked, and fell asleep along with Ben... LOL! About an hour later Daddy and Camden were home, and I got a good laugh... While Will was up north, he decided to do some shopping (not only for the boys.. like they need more toys?) but for the baby... These are what he picked up...

As he pulled them out of the bag, he said... and I quote! "This BETTER BE A GIRL! I will sue that ultrasound lady!" LOL

Slowly building up her clothing collection when the sales come. I have a lot of stuff coming in the mail this month, as well as some offers for new clothes friends children never used, and some hand me downs (which I always accept with open arms... who doesn't?)

So by the end of January I will be able to have a final list of stuff we need before May... This is all going by SO fast!

Oh, and Happy New Year!