Sunday, August 31, 2008

4th Annual Indian BBQ

We had a lot of fun today at my parents 4th annual Indian Motorcycle BBQ. It is something that everyone looks forward to every labor day weekend, and since we couldn't be in Canada this weekend, it was the next best place for us. Everyone was looking forward to seeing Camden this year since he was just hangin' out in my belly last year. People came from all over New England, and we had some great looking bikes like always. Good food, good friends, and a good time. Special thanks to my Mother for going above and beyond like she always does and making it such a great time. No one can do it better than she can.
Now without any further adue.... the pictures!
Kathy and Camden
Some of the bikes....
Daddy giving Mommy a heart attack.

Potter from Long Island's bike. No matter how many times I see it, I love it! It is just beautiful and grabs the attention out of them all!

Just a small portion of the bikes that came.
Mommy and Daddy... awww! I actually really love this picture. So in loveeeeee!

Ok, I think my mom is done for the day huh?

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Please Help The Matros Family

I met Carissa when we both started posting together on the Due in December 2007 message board together. She is one of the most loving, amazing, people I have ever met in my life.

The things that have happened to her over the past months should not be happening to such a great person, please help her to get this scholarship by watching this youtube and rating the video.

Simply by rating this video it will submit a vote for her.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Dear John McCain

I know some of you may be offended by this... But I think you should know by now I speak my mind. Thank you to Rana on Cafemom for writing this letter...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Family Fun Time

I have become a total picture freak lately, if you haven't been able to tell already. But last night Will, Camden, and I were laying in bed watching The Red Sox just make a joke of the Yankees in a total joke of a baseball game, and we decided to bust out the camera....

Hanging out with Zena... She seems much better since we got Pesky kitty. After Emily died it was as though she lost a piece of her personality. While she still doesn't have the best personality out there, and is often pretty anti social, I think Pesky has helped her a bunch.
We were just hanging out here, watching the game. I didn't realize that my tummy could be seen though. Doesn't look half bad for gaining over 30lbs and losing it huh? LOL

Camden didn't want any part of this picture.... He was done with the whole picture taking thing. "Guys, seriously.... Get off of me"
The first picture we took together last night. Doesn't he look so happy? Gosh we are so lucky.

My mini me. He is almost a carbon copy of me, even though he is starting to look more like Daddy as he gets a little older.

This is a picture of genuine love.... I never knew how much love a parent could have for a child until Camden came along. Now I know why my parents were the way they were growing up. Not because they HATED me (LOL) but because they love me and want the best for me no matter what...

Ok, I am done being mushy now.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dinner Time

Today was a pretty long day that started off with some slight disappointment to a last minute canceled meeting. I was supposed to be meeting with a local state rep, but when her two small children spiked a fever at the meeting right before mine, she had to leave. No big deal, I hope they are ok! Then off to BJ's with my mother to get stuff to make pasta salad and cream puffs for the blowout on Sunday. I am very excited about the picnic on Sunday.

Here are a couple pictures from play time/dinner time tonight.

Mommy, Camden and Pesky during dinner...

Camden determined to get Pesky
What a smile!

Camden hanging out with us during dinner... We had a good time. I can't wait for the carpeting in the living room and kitchen so that we can do this more often with less caution!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Barack Obama...

Today Will got a voice mail today on his cell phone from his union about a phone bank they are doing to get fellow union members across the country to call other union members to encourage them to not only sign up to vote but to vote for Barack Obama. Which I thought was pretty neat. I really like that the union is backing him.

Today we went to visit Will's Grandmother in the nursing home. She is always to excited to see Camden. Here are a few pictures

She absolutely adores him.

In the end... I hurt my knee today... Bad..
I was standing up at my mothers house, moved the wrong way, and aggravated an old softball injury. I felt like someone pulled a Nancy Karigan on my ass.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Aquarium Fun

Today we made a trip to the Norwalk Maritime Aquarium to see the Albino alligator before the exhibit is over on September 1st. Before we even made it to the Aquarium, we discovered Camden had broken his 3rd tooth!!! By the end of the day, #4 was breaking the skin. WOW! What a couple day's we have ahead of us! Stand by for LOTS of pictures and LOTS of videos...

Daddy and Camden checking out the Sea Lions

Camden and Daddy with the Sea Lions

In deep thought looking at the bright fishies
Camden hanging out on top of the Hippo in the Africa Exhibit

Look at this cool lizard thing!

Camden touching the string rays in the touch pool

Great White Alligator!!
Camden with the great white alligator in the background..

Big Whale Camden

Camden turtle

My favorite picture I took today... Camden and the real turtle!

Loving the sea lions some more.... It was a great day!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Around the House

The basement looks amazing. It is painted, and cleaned, and now today the carpet will be put down and it will be finished. It shined right up like a new penny. When the guys are here to lay the carpet they are bringing me some samples for carpet to put down in Camden's bedroom. Since it is a friend of our family, we are only going to have to pay for the labor. Which is a total plus.

What else? Camden tried peaches for the first time today. We got some of the same faced we did when he tried Carrots but not nearly as bad. He continued to eat them without gagging like he did with carrots.

Tonight is grocery shopping night, sounds so exciting huh?

I guess my week has been pretty boring overall.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Our Weekend

We spent Saturday afternoon painting the basement apartment and getting it ready so we can lay carpet this week. Sunday we went to a picnic at my lovely cousin Heathers house. Oh My God... what an absolutely beautiful home. There was not one thing I did not absolutely LOVE about the house. From the yard, to her children's rooms, to the kitchen. It gave me some awesome ideas for our house. Muhahahaha. New project time!
without any further interruptions.... here are aBut over all it was a really great time! I love visiting with family that I don't get to see often. My Aunt Kiraly and Uncle Mo came down from upstate NY with their children, which is probably my most anticipated visit of the year because they aren't able to visit as much as other family. But couple pictures...
Camden trying a Pepper, with Aunt Sharon Daddy and Camden

Aunt Sharon and Aunt Kiraly My little cousin KiKi

My Dad and Camden Aunt Val and Camden before she hit the waterslide

My Uncle Mo and Camden cuddling Aunt Sharon stealing Camden from Aunt Kiraly

My mom and my cousin Heather Heather's Husband Joe and My husband.

And last but not least by any means what so ever.... My Aunt Val.... going down the waterslide with all of the children....

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Birthday Girl

Again I want to say Happy birthday to my mom. Without her I wouldn't be here, and neither would my adorable little man Camden. :)

Here is a video of Grama enjoying her Grandson earlier today.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Monday, August 11, 2008

Shakin' things up

So this morning I got a call from a really nice woman in the office of Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro. She had received a forwarded e-mail of something I had sent out in one of my recent rants since Camden has been born about the Cesarean Birth rates in our lovely state. After speaking with me for about a half an hour, maybe a little bit longer, I lost track of time, she is sending a memo directly to Rosa DeLauro requesting for her to sit down and meet with me! GASP! Holy crap! I am actually making some kind of a difference. Hopefully with having a familiar name helping us, that will make a lot of difference in our long uphill battle coming up.

I am excited to see some family members this weekend. Ones that Camden hasn't met yet, and I haven't seen in a while.

Camden tried Green Beans today for the first time. He seemed to really like them, I am surprised since most Veggies he has not been a big fan of.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Camden loves the kitty

Camden loves Pesky kitty!

Future Indian Rider

Yesterday, Camden, Will, and I went over to my parents house to spend some quality family time with not only my parents, but my lovely Aunt Sharon.
We took a couple really funny pictures of Camden on Grandpa's Indian Motorcycle. Now I am sitting here waiting for them to be e-mailed to me!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Short and Sweet

A couple small things. Anyone watching I Love Money??? Ok, first they get rid of Mr. Boston, and then Destiny??? Come on guys! You are ruining the show. Half the reason to watch is gone now!!!!!!!

Anyways, Happy Anniversary to my parents tomorrow. 23 years of beautiful wedded bliss.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sitting Up

Camden is still working on sitting up, so today I enlisted our boppy pillow in helping. Here are a couple pictures of him with his boppy. After sitting up for a little bit, he proceeded to use the boppy as a baby recliner.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Shower time/Governors Meeting

So today was a really long day. I was out of the house by 11am to meet up with a local midwife so we could make the trip to my meeting at the governors office which was scheduled at 1:30pm. After driving all the way to Hartford, being given incorrect directions, and finding out that there was some schedule miscommunication on the part of the governors office, no meeting took place. Total bummer right?

But what it does do, is give us more time to get more organized, bring up more key points, and gather more signatures on the ICAN of CT Cesarean Awareness Month Petition. Please feel free to sign it ICAN of Connecticut CAM Petition. So we got a lot of shopping done tonight. Groceries, some baby food (supplies) and the first box of diapers we have bought since we moved!!!
Camden enjoyed a well needed shower with Daddy tonight, so now I bring you appropriate, adorable, priceless pictures from it.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sweet Potato Fun

Just when I thought we were getting much better with eating food.... disaster strikes.

Camden Vs. Sweet Potatoes

Monday, August 4, 2008

Nothing Special

Nothing special going on over here. We had a nice relaxing, uneventful weekend which are always good.

Last night we went to see Will's Grandmother at the home she is in. She is such an amazing woman. Last June they gave her a month to live, and here she is, over a year later skill kickin'. I think Camden has kept her here with us. She loves him to death and you can see it.
She is a true miracle and we all will be devastated when she is gone.

Carl Edwards won the nascar race yesterday. Total plus for me! LOL

That's really it for now at least.