Saturday, November 28, 2009


We had a great Thanksgiving this week. We were able to celebrate with my parents, Will's father, My aunt Cindy, Cousin Courtney, Uncle Steve, and later on in the evening a good friend of the family Al, and his friends stopped by. I feel like holidays are my social hours. Others help watch the children, and it is almost like a mini break for me, and I loved it! It makes me excited for Christmas.
Camden got one of his birthday presents before all the company showed up from my Parents, we figured it would also give him something to do while we were there at my parents even though he has a whole collection of toys there too.Camden got his first Motorcycle. LOL! My parents found it online, it is a red Indian. My father also rides an Indian, so to put him on one of those mini Harley's that you can find at Toy's R Us would have probably put my father over his Holiday edge. LOL We ended up dressing him up, this picture is missing mom's leather bike vest though, we were surprised he even kept the do rag and glasses on.
Ben also enjoyed watching a portion of a movie with Grandpa. Aren't they so cute together? You can also see one of the places that Ben get's his big blue eyes from.
Grandma let Camden re-arrange the place settings before anyone got to the house too. There are tons more pictures, but I am still getting used to our new Camera and sometimes the pictures turn out crazy blurry. I am not sure why, but I am still working the kinks out!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What a Week!

Well, all in all, I guess it turned out better than I thought it would. Our new second car passed all the tests that an out of state vehicle needed to and now we are fully registered and ready to rock and roll. That is one huge relief on my part at least.
Everyone is over "the flu" but now we have this lingering cough from hell, we all sound like 90 year old women who have been smoking for 65 years. Not cute to say the least.

We are working up to Thanksgiving on Thursday and then shortly after that is Camden's birthday party. I feel so unprepared for that as I have continued to push the invites to the side, over and over again. I am getting to the point where I am just going to e-mail out an invite and whoever comes, comes....

I am slowly giving up on internet forum's. I never realized how ignorant, one sided, and flat out mean some women can be, and these are not just your run of the mill internet idiots, some are college educated career women. It really is sad when they try and compare apples to oranges and not even try to come out of their box to realize there is another world outside of their own narrow one sided opinion.
The more I read, the more anti-main stream I become.

I am really looking forward to Christmas. I want to put our Christmas Tree up but Will said I have to wait until Friday to put it up. OH! Camden saw Santa in the mall last night, it was hysterical to watch the look on his face. It was almost like.... "Uh.... that guy belongs on TV....."

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Flu Everywhere!

Well my husband has come down with the flu. Just as we thought he was getting better, he went to work, and returned home yesterday with a high fever, which he had not had a fever since Friday night. So I am forcing him to go to the Doctor today which he hates.

I did some work on my etsy stuff yesterday, and took some better pictures in hopes of people looking at my listings more. It seems as though all the people on etsy have these professional looking pictures for their listings.

Monday, November 16, 2009


I have recently decided I am crafty and started making things and selling them on etsy. The problem is, they aren't selling. LOL
I am trying to figure out at this point what I am doing wrong and go from there, but everyone keeps telling me it is all about networking and patience, which everyone who knows me, knows that I do not have patience at all, and at the same time, my husband is becoming increasingly frustrated at the amount of money going into it, while none is coming out. But all husbands would be.

So I am going to just keep working on it, posting about my shop, and really just try and make more stuff, maybe more than people would want.
So I figured I would post a couple things I have made...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Neglected Blog

Today when I read my best friend's blog about her daughter being a month old, I realized how much I really neglect this blog. I am not sure how many people actually take the time to read our blog or even care, but I figured that I should at least make a valid effort.
I changed the background, and added a couple little personal touches in order to help revive the blog itself, as it has been pretty boring in the past.

This week, myself, and my two boys are battling some kind of stomach bug. I am sure we picked it up over the weekend. It has been festering in Camden, but today it struck me and Ben like a ton of bricks. While the kids are still in semi good spirits, I am not. I was not happy about being awakened at 3am by a toddler throwing up on me. Good times!

This past weekend we brought Camden to his first real "friend" birthday party for his best friend Michael. We met Michael through his father who is also a fireman at Echo Hose.People tell us all the time that they could be brothers and sometimes, we can really see it!

What else is going on in the wonderful world of Elwood? Benjamin had his first solid foods this week. We started with Squash, and he loved it, ate the whole serving and got it all over himself. I can't believe he is 6 months old already, it seems like yesterday he was born.

Doesn't he look like he really enjoyed that? Heck, I would probably enjoy anything if I was given nothing but liquids, and you would too!

I have been thinking back to Camden and Benjamin's births a lot lately, so I decided to put my thoughts, feelings, experiences, and emotions into a video project after finishing the What is ICAN national video which was published last week.
If you want to watch the below video, make sure you have 9 minutes and some tissues, its sappy to say the least.

My Birth Journeys from Danielle Elwood on Vimeo.

But all in all, not a lot of exciting stuff is going on with our family. The Holidays are coming and I am trying to coax my husband into letting me put the Christmas tree up and I am failing miserably. Maybe I will update again when we have the tree up and I can post some cute pictures of it?