Monday, August 11, 2008

Shakin' things up

So this morning I got a call from a really nice woman in the office of Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro. She had received a forwarded e-mail of something I had sent out in one of my recent rants since Camden has been born about the Cesarean Birth rates in our lovely state. After speaking with me for about a half an hour, maybe a little bit longer, I lost track of time, she is sending a memo directly to Rosa DeLauro requesting for her to sit down and meet with me! GASP! Holy crap! I am actually making some kind of a difference. Hopefully with having a familiar name helping us, that will make a lot of difference in our long uphill battle coming up.

I am excited to see some family members this weekend. Ones that Camden hasn't met yet, and I haven't seen in a while.

Camden tried Green Beans today for the first time. He seemed to really like them, I am surprised since most Veggies he has not been a big fan of.


mom2natnkatncj said...

Awesome news about your ICAN group and all that you are doing about c-section awareness. Hopefully you hear from this congress woman soon.

And yay about the green beans.

Liz said...

Has he tried his aunt Liz's favorite, sweet potatoes? =D

The Elwood Family said...

Yeah, he loves sweet potatoes. There are pictures a little way down of him eating those or at least plastering them all over his face. LOL