Friday, September 26, 2008

Camden's 9 month Well Baby VIsit

Went great. He is now 18lbs 10 oz (15%) 28 1/2 inches (50%) and 46cm for his head (60%)!
His new pedi is awesome, we discussed selectively vaccinating, and what table foods to start.
I am looking forward to that since we got the big OK today.
Took us 3 months to get in with this Pedi because he is in such high demand in the natural parenting community in our area, and he was work ever minute of the wait!

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mom2natnkatncj said...

What a great feeling to find a doctor you're happy with. That's how I felt when we found our new pediatrician. She's wonderful. And it's good to hear too my CJ isn't too far off of where Camden is. He's about 5 ounces less and 1/2 an inch shorter ;). So that's reassuring. My girls were huge and over 20 pounds by now so having this little peanut has been tough for me. I guess he's not too much of a peanut though anymore ;). So what table foods are you starting? CJ loves Kix cereal. He likes rice and broccoli too, but the broccoli gave him gas. I gave him carrots really soft and cut up very small, but he had a hard time with those.