Sunday, September 7, 2008

We survived Hanna

But my comforter didn't... We ended up putting it in front of the garage door to try and keep water from coming in when something happened to our drains in the drive way....
Small clip of Will getting pissed off that I was filming him last night while Richie and him were trying to pump out the driveway...

On a nicer note, today was opening season.. Mommy, Daddy, and Camden all had matching jersey's on, but like always Mommy had to be the camera person.
Patriots won.. 17 - 10 but KC make a cheap play against Tom Brady and it may have ended his season. I hate it when people play dirty like that. That doesn't make you win, or play better... it just makes you look like a douche bag..

Anyways... We redid the living room today.. rearranged things, and put the computer out here so we can redo the office/spare bedroom.

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Denise said...

Wow, a flood, a Patriots game and Camden standing....what a busy 3 days. Too bad about Brady, it looked like it hurt a lot. Eagles won 38-3