Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Long Update

I have really been slacking the past couple days with posting, but we had a BIG weekend. Saturday we decided to follow my dad and all his Indian Riding buddies up to Springfield, MA. for the sneak preview of the Springfield Museum's Indian display. It was tons of fun, and it is always great to see all the guys that Dad rides with. They LOVE Camden, it is just one big extended family.

Dad's friend Barry, and Camden... they became good friends.
The usual suspects

Camden and Grandpa hanging out on his Motorcycle

Then on Sunday, we had another big day. Camden and Daddy went to visit with Auntie Liz and Gramie Holmes, and I attended my cousin's baby shower. A blast all the way around!
Here are a couple pictures from both adventures.

Camden climbing on Auntie Liz's couch

Patriots fans

Nicole opening Presents

And more presents...

Now here we are on Tuesday, Camden is sick with his first cold he has ever had. To this day, he has never been sick, ever. So I am a little worried, but not too much. I am sure we will be fine through all of this. Tomorrow is my first midwife appointment with the midwife practice that we chose. I am really excited about it and looking forward to meeting with some of the other midwives with the practice.

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mom2natnkatncj said...

Did you end up going to see the other midwife on Friday or did you just cancel? I hope everything goes well for you at your appointment and Camden doesn't share his cold with you too. Poor little booger it's no fun being sick. Just be glad it's not the pukey bug we had here all last week ;).