Thursday, April 30, 2009

Long Time No Talk!

I have seriously neglected this blog huh? Well for all my adoring family and friends that do not go on facebook, I figured I would give a update.
Since I haven't updated since October, I will try and make it as short as I can.
Camden started fully walking on his own around his birthday, and hasn't stopped since. He is now running, climbing, and is fully unstoppable! As you can see for yourself!

ICAN of Connecticut (my passion) got State wide recognition for Cesarean Awareness Month (April) this year by our governor. We received our Cesarean Awareness Month Proclamation in late March, and I was able to have it framed in time for April to start. I guess the petition ICAN put together really helped because last year they wanted nothing to do with us! Thanks Jodi Rell! Good lookin out for Connecticut Mom's and Babies!

Benjamin Emil Elwood is making his way, slowly but surely but it also seems like this pregnancy has flown by in record time. It has been a breeze compared to Camden, I think it is the lack of all the complications and high risk talk this time around that has made it much easier. Ben is going to be the spitting image of Camden. We had a 3-D/4-D ultrasound done and they look so much alike it is not even funny! I can't wait to meet him! 4 more weeks till our due date!

Camden got his first haircut. I cried like a baby when he did too! I think it hurt me more than anything, but now looking back, he REALLY needed the hair cut. I just didn't want to part with his baby hair and have my little baby grow up anymore than he already has. I guess I am going to have to really deal with that since Benjamin soon will be taking over the role of "baby" of the family. Camden has also started sleeping in his own "big boy bed" full with Red Sox bedding and all, and he loves it. We had no problems transitioning him from our bed right into his bed. He did it like a champ!

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