Thursday, May 28, 2009

Settling In

I must say, after the first week home from the hospital, we are all settling in quite nicely. Much easier then Will and I had previously thought. Which is what has given me a few minutes to do the bloggin' thing. Benjamin is an angel baby, just like Camden was as a newborn, and Camden has been a great big brother, minus a couple small bumps in the road, but what do you expect from a 17 month old? No one is perfect right?
We had our post partum visit today with Karen ( my super awesome doula) and we were able to talk a lot about Ben's birth and everything that went along with it. I had such an amazing support system while I was in labor for those long long long 24 + hours. Between Karen, Will, Leigh, and my great Midwife Sarah, I was able to feel so comfortable with everything that happened, including a repeat cesarean that was clearly needed for my very stuck and stubborn son.
I am coming to the conclusion that my husband and I only breed very stubborn little boys.
Which I am also wondering how that will come into play when they are teens. EEP!

But, all in all, I wouldn't change any of it. I love my boys more than anything in this world, and wouldn't change anything.
I never knew how much a parent could love a child, but through all the puke, poop, broken picture frames, spilled drinks, kisses, hugs, and everything else that comes along with the craziness of parenthood... I wouldn't trade any of it for anything. Not even a million dollars!

More pictures will be coming soon, I have to get on the ball with taking them, but I will leave you with one that can truly show the tone of life in our house these days...
Camden meeting Benjamin...

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