Saturday, November 28, 2009


We had a great Thanksgiving this week. We were able to celebrate with my parents, Will's father, My aunt Cindy, Cousin Courtney, Uncle Steve, and later on in the evening a good friend of the family Al, and his friends stopped by. I feel like holidays are my social hours. Others help watch the children, and it is almost like a mini break for me, and I loved it! It makes me excited for Christmas.
Camden got one of his birthday presents before all the company showed up from my Parents, we figured it would also give him something to do while we were there at my parents even though he has a whole collection of toys there too.Camden got his first Motorcycle. LOL! My parents found it online, it is a red Indian. My father also rides an Indian, so to put him on one of those mini Harley's that you can find at Toy's R Us would have probably put my father over his Holiday edge. LOL We ended up dressing him up, this picture is missing mom's leather bike vest though, we were surprised he even kept the do rag and glasses on.
Ben also enjoyed watching a portion of a movie with Grandpa. Aren't they so cute together? You can also see one of the places that Ben get's his big blue eyes from.
Grandma let Camden re-arrange the place settings before anyone got to the house too. There are tons more pictures, but I am still getting used to our new Camera and sometimes the pictures turn out crazy blurry. I am not sure why, but I am still working the kinks out!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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mom2natnkatncj said...

Wow, Ben is really starting to look like Camden. I saw that picture of Ben with grandpa and I thought at first you were comparing how Camden had grown since last Thanksgiving ;).