Monday, December 14, 2009

Party Time!

We had Camden's birthday party yesterday despite horrible weather, and a 50+ car pile up in our town due to the icy roads. When we left our house and started heading towards Mom's, we literally slid straight down the hill we live on, it was the scariest thing ever!

When we finally got there, we had a blast. Here are a couple pictures that kind of sum up the day.
Opening Presents, Camden got a Build A Bear from his Best friend Michael. Dressed up as a fireman... How cute is that?

Singing happy birthday, apparently we are all really bad singers because Camden started to cry. LOL Poor kid.

Mmmmm Cake.... He ate that like a champ... Much less messy then last year though!Since Daddy gave him a small piece the first time around, he wanted more.

Overall it was a nice, tiring, quiet, and laid back party. We had LaLa (Auntie) watch Ben after she offered, so that it could really be Camden's day. Camden and Michael are just so cute together!

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