Saturday, January 16, 2010

Loving the Days with my Boys

I can't help but love the weekends, especially when my husband doesn't have to work on Saturday. Having the whole family together for everything from simple grocery shopping to napping is just a great feeling.
In the next couple months we will have tons on our plate!

Will starts Fire Fighter 1 on Tuesday.
I have my ICAN Panel event next Saturday.
My radio show is becoming weekly.
Cesarean Prevention Classes will be taking place twice a week.
I will be writing a couple pieces for Fairfield County Weekly.
Will is thinking about using his G.I. Bill once he is done with Fire Fighter 1 to get his CDL on the weekends.
So from here until the summer time, it looks like we are going to be one busy family!

I am hoping for the summer months to slow down to only Will working, and my ICAN stuff.

More pictures to come soon, I know our updates lately have been... more boring and less appealing to the eyes. LOL

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