Monday, March 1, 2010

Ben's 9 month Well Baby Visit

Today we had Benjamin's 9 month well baby check up with our super awesome Pediatrician Dr. L!Weight : 18 pounds 2 ounces
Height : 30 inches
Head : BIG

He is doing awesome all the way around. We had a little finger prick today to test his iron levels, and it was 11.4 which is supposed to be super awesome. He is growing so much and now since he had two teeth Dr. L suggested starting some table foods.
My baby is starting TABLE FOOD!
Wow, where did the past year go?
This time last year I was gearing up, nesting, and getting ready for him to join our family, it is almost hard to remember a time when I was only a mother of one child.

He is going to be TALL! Which I am glad about, no little boy should be short and stubby like I am. He totally takes after Daddy in the height. Well, Ben takes after Daddy in... EVERY way basically.

Next check up is in May, for his one year birthday.
We are starting to toss around ideas for Ben's birthday party too.
Wow, I can't even imagine my little guy is going to be a year old.
I guess I blinked one too many times this year huh?


chad * kaity * kami * truffy said...

That is such a cute pic of Ben. And Dr. L is super awesome (jenny finally just switched over to her)! She told me that she wants Kami completely on table foods by 9 my head I thought that seems like forever away but I know it's going to sneak up on us too!

The Elwood Family said...

We were chatting about table food yesterday too. Ben still gags on almost everything so we are going to start slowly. But it is a huge load off to know he will be transitioning over soon.