Saturday, March 27, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Since the children have been sick all week, and Benjamin is still a little worse off than Camden, I left Benjamin at home with Daddy, and I took Camden with Grandpa MoMo to the Lordship Fathers Club annual Easter Egg hunt.Boy did we have a good time! I was extremely surprised at how well behaved most of the toddlers were waiting for the horn to blow for their area, and that the yellow caution tape they used to block the area off actually kept them back as long as it did.
Once the horn blew and the kids KNEW they could go get the eggs, it was pure toddler ciaos! Toddlers trampling toddlers, parents trying to barricade their kid from the stampede of midgets..
In the midst of the ciaos, Camden was lucky enough to get an egg, and we quickly escape to the line to get our chocolate bunny and turn our egg in.So like I typically do, I was the camera woman...Camden patiently waiting with his Cars basket.Look Mom! I am happy even though it is 3 degrees outside!
I want to hang out with MoMo because he is the coolest, and doesn't shove that camera in my face MOM!

Look! I got an egg before all the other kids killed me!

Check out my egg Grandpa!
Then we saw Kaitlyn & baby Kambria
Ok, Can we go home now? LOLSo excited for his chocolate bunny.... Too bad Mommy isn't going to let him down it like all the other parents were letting their kids do on scene! LOL

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chad * kaity * kami * truffy said...

It's hard to believe that next year at the hunt Kambria will be running around collecting Easter eggs with your boys!