Friday, April 9, 2010

Play Date Thursday!

Yesterday me and the boys headed over to my friend Amy's house to hang out with her, and her son Dexter. He is 3 and Camden LOVES him! LOL

I grabbed a couple pictures, but Dexter hijacked the camera to take some pictures too.
Camden decided to sit in the Cozy Coupe which was filled with water....

I tried to get Dexter to stay in one place for a picture... that didn't happen. LOL

The picture Dexter took of Amy

Then we got home, took a nap, and when Camden & I went outside to check on our flowers we planted just last week.... LOOK what we discovered!!!

The seeds we planted last week, after much of my husbands insisting we would not keep up with them, or nothing would come of it.... SPROUTED! We have one little tiny plant growing great so far. I am beyond excited because this is the first time I have planted something that has actually grown, and we only planted them last week!!!!

We are going to go to Lowes this weekend, and get some sod potters and plant the rest of our seeds. We are also going to plant some Cherry Tomato's that Camden got is his Elmo Gardening Bag that LaLa got for him. They had a blast at Lowes last weekend.
We are going to plant them indoors until it is warmer. We may have had 90 degree weather this week, but it only lasted one day!

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