Sunday, April 25, 2010

What's Goin On?

Lots of things coming up in The Elwood House!

Now that Will is wrapping up Fire Fighter I, on comes the Hazmat class! Once this is all done (end of June) no more classes anytime soon! Then he only has the state practical in July.

I wish I could say I have less going on than he does!
I am currently working on my Birth Services website, while it isn't finished, it certainly is starting to come together. Talk about a work in progress.

In the next few weeks I will also be starting to write for Lamaze! Yes, Lamaze the big, giant, popular birth organization. They are working on a new project for mothers, and the idea I pitched for a writing concept was picked up hook, line, and sinker!

Then the famous Griffin Hospital Baby Fair on May 15th. This will be my third year running a booth for ICAN of Connecticut. I an super excited as I always am because this really marks the start of nice weather. If anyone remembers, last year at the Griffin Hospital Baby Fair, I went into labor with Benjamin!

That brings me to Ben's First Birthday Party! May 22nd, at 2pm at my parents house, like always. I will be sending invited out, hopefully tonight if I remember.

Lots going on!

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