Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ben's Check Up

Today was Benjamin's 12 month well baby visit, and it certainly gave me a scare!

To start off his stats!
Weight : 20 pounds 1 ounce
Height : 30 1/2 inches
Head : BIG! Up into the 85%!!

Unfortunately for us, our Pediatrician suggested that Ben be evaluated by a program called Birth To Three, which screens for developmental delays. The point is to help catch delays early before they turn into actual disabilities.

We think that Ben is just doing things on his own terms. And we assumed that because Camden is the nice big brother and doing a lot of things for him that he just had no desire to do it for himself.

To be proactive we are going to have him screened. We think that he may be slightly behind because of the 6-8 weeks he had the treatment for Tortocollis, but just to be sure, I called and scheduled an appointment.

The concern is that he is not getting himself up into a sitting position on his own, and not getting up onto his hands and knees. (He LOATHS being on his stomach all together)

So, I will keep everyone posted, but it certainly has been an emotional roller coaster of a day for me!

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chad * kaity * kami * truffy said...

Aw don't worry too much...every kid moves at their own pace! Both Megan's boys did Birth to three because of their speech issues. It's a great program. Also, I think Dr. L tries to catch things early before any real problems she had Kami go to a special head doctor because she tips her head more to one side lol