Saturday, June 19, 2010

Benjamin's First Haircut

Since Ben's hair was starting to get a little on the... girlie side, we decided to bring him and his big brother for a nice snip today at our favorite kids salon. I swore he was going to scream, cry, and be one of those kids who hate getting their hair cut. I knew I would be WAY too lucky to get two kids who loved haircuts.

I should play the lotto tonight because I have two haircut loving boys!


Getting the back... Goodbye curls!

Camden checkin' out his little brother getting his haircut once he was done with his.How cute is he with a mohawk? If I could only get his hair to stay up like that!
Awww what a little man!
The Finished Product!

While I miss his little baby hair, he looks so much better with a nice trim. Although he looks so grown up just like Camden did after his first haircut. It is almost like I am letting go of my baby again. Although Ben is going to be my little baby for a LONG time!

Off to the store to get some lotto tickets!

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