Friday, July 9, 2010

Update on the Boys

Lots of updates for the little ones...

Wednesday night, Benjamin crawled, and he has not stopped. He was playing next to the sliding doors in the living room, which is one of his favorite places, and he spotted his juice cup on the other side of the room. Off he went. Mid crawl I ran to grab the camera and got back just in time for him to enjoy a nice long drink out of his sippy cup. I was over the moon, and thankfully Will caught it with me. It was a great family moment since we have both been stressed about his delays, the early intervention therapy, and everything else.
He hasn't stopped going. Anything he sees that he wants, off he goes. His favorite toy to follow by far is his big brother though.

Updates for Camden?
He went to his pediatrician check up yesterday. He is 27.8 pounds, and still a peanut in the weight department. I am not surprised, and looking back now, I know I was right when I didn't worry too much about his weight gain as an infant. Ben is going to pass him right by shortly. LOL
He is hitting all his milestones, and our pediatrician expressed how floored she was with his speech. He is a year ahead of himself with his talking. I am not surprised considering the way everyone comments about it constantly.
He then decided he was going to tell Dr. D about all of our fire trucks at Daddy's fire house. He spouted off
"Ladder One, Engine Two, Engine Four, Squad Five, Tower Seven, and Truck Nine" she was hysterical at how cute it was.

I totally have been wearing my proud Mommy hat the past week. These guys have given me so much joy, and happiness and so much to be proud of.
All the hard work is paying off.

As for my other boy, I mean Will.
I am super proud of him. Tomorrow is his state practical exam, and then in two weeks he will be sitting down for his written exam. I have NO doubt in my mind he is going to pass with flying colors, then we are off to applying for paid departments!

He has worked so hard since January to help better our family in the long run, and do something he has always wanted to do, and loves. It certainly has been an awesome year for us.

On a side note, I had a business meeting for a local business I am going to be partnering up on in the next 12 months. We have a ton of work ahead of us, but it is going to be so super awesome in the long term. I can work, bring my kids to work, I will have my OWN business, be my OWN boss, and have awesome freedoms. Life truly comes together amazingly when you never expect it.

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chad * kaity * kami * truffy said...

YAY for Ben! You have good reason to be proud of all your boys:-)