Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Writing Writing Writing!

Believe it or not, I just got picked up by another website! One of the biggest in parenting at that!

I had e-mailed a couple large parenting sites when we announced our third pregnancy, since it seems like pregnancy writers, and women writing about their pregnancy is certainly the new "in" thing in publishing. I got a couple e-mails back, but the one that sat best with me was

I have been looking for a chance to write for them for a while, and after being invited to their VIP party in NYC during BlogHer (thanks Jen for the hook up!) and then emailing with them afterward, it was a no brainer where to go!

My two first posts are up and active on the website as we speak :

Introductions Aren't My Strong Point


OB in a Haystack - Detailing my difficult time I am having trying to find a prenatal care provider right now.

Anyways, I know my awesome family supports me in all I do, so I thought I would let everyone know!


mom2natnkatncj said...

Ahhh, the perils of OB care in CT. Do you know that CT has some of the highest malpractice insurance rates for OB doctors? Might be better off moving to another state for the duration of your pregnancy to get what you want. Doctors are too scared of lawsuits in CT and their insurance premiums going up that they do whatever those insurance companies want. I had a great doctor when I was pregnant with Kaitlyn (over 8 years ago) who left CT just after I had her because he did not want to join some huge practice in order to afford his malpractice insurance. Sad state of affairs when insurance companies dictate how our doctors work and what is medically necessary for us. Good luck with your search. I'm relieved to have such a wonderful understanding doctor, but yet I know she's still a slave to what the insurance companies will allow her to do.

The Elwood Family said...

There are OB's in CT who will do it, it is just finding them, and having them agree to take you on as a patient.

As for the malpractice rates, Connecticut stands 4th overall in the Nation, not first.

The problem overall is they are not making choices based on evidence, they are making decisions based on outdated information.
If it comes to it, I will just show up at the hospital in labor.

They cannot legally force me to agree to a third cesarean. It is against Federal law.

mom2natnkatncj said...

I didn't say it was the highest malpractice rates I said it was one of the highest. I truly believe that doctors follow too much what insurance companies want you to do. And well lets face it they kind of have to or not have insurance. So if you're lucky enough to find one who has found a loop hole you also might be faced with the problem of do they have too many patients. Sigh, I really have to say I don't think it's the doctors themselves that aren't up to date on the latest information, but rather the insurance companies base decisions on out of state information. They are the ones who need to be made aware of this information. Then doctors won't be working in fear that there will be a lawsuit if by chance something goes wrong and the patient files a lawsuit and the insurance won't pay it because the doctor went against their policies. That's all I'm saying all of this stuff boils down to with the doctors :).

The Elwood Family said...

But insurance malpractice companies are not making these calls for the most part. If a Doctor is covered for VBAC, they are covered for VBA2C.

Which most practices in the state are.