Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas ... Fire Department Style

Today was the second Echo Hose childrens Christmas party we have gone to since Will joined a month before Benjamin was born. The kids had a blast, and they always put together such a fun day. There was breakfast, and then a magician that the kids were totally memorized by. Then of course like always Santa came and handed out all the gifts for the children. It was a blast!

Of course like always I was the volunteer camera lady, but I only posted pictures of my own kids here... haha

How cute was Ben? He wanted to sit on the presents (He is sitting on Camden's there) I tried to get Camden to sit and take a picture with him but he was way too interested in the firemen and everything else going on.

The tree and all the presents for the children...

Daddy getting ready all over again... That is baby Brady he is too cute! I also made sure to get in my Brady time before he went down for a nice nap in the middle of the party.

Ok how cute is she? Apparently she has been "playing" at the Christmas party for... a while? She had such a good time watching all the kids open their presents.

Daddy also enjoyed the Magician with the kids...

And then Santa came... This year he is on a slight diet... LOL (Our typical Santa had a cold)

Then came the presents... Ben was called first...
And Daddy helped him get started... He was a pro from then on out, although he was ready to knock out for a nap.

Then it was Camden's turn... and I think the box for his toy was actually BIGGER than he is... Thankfully Daddy helped him, I don't think he could have carried that.

Which when he opened... was a HUGE fire station with trucks, helicopters... and all kinds of things for me to step on at 3am when I am stumbling to the bathroom with one eye open...

It is truly amazing to have this great "second family"... even better is the fact that all the kids for the most part will be going to the same school and be in the same grades, except for a couple kids that are 7 and up right now... They can look out for our youngsters...

Although, I feel slightly bad for the teachers when they all get there considering they are ALL boys, and ONE girl... LOL

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