Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sale Sale Sale!

Yesterday Will had to drive to New Hampshire, and he decided to take Camden along for the trip. Ben, myself, and Grandma Ole went shopping... isn't that how it always goes? LOL

I had a coupon for an additional 40% off of all clearance items I could stuff into a re-usable Babies R Us tote, so we thought we would check out and see what they had. Well, long story short... I got about $60 worth of stuff for $36... that isn't counting the adorable blankets Grandma bought for the baby when we later made our way through the Target clearance section...

Bargain Shoppers!

I wanted to share some of the cuteness...

The blankets!

Aren't the feet the cutest thing EVER??

Her Thanksgiving dress

The puppy on this says "I love you SNOW much" HAH!

Newborn hats!
And little mini newborn pants!

I came home, unpacked, and fell asleep along with Ben... LOL! About an hour later Daddy and Camden were home, and I got a good laugh... While Will was up north, he decided to do some shopping (not only for the boys.. like they need more toys?) but for the baby... These are what he picked up...

As he pulled them out of the bag, he said... and I quote! "This BETTER BE A GIRL! I will sue that ultrasound lady!" LOL

Slowly building up her clothing collection when the sales come. I have a lot of stuff coming in the mail this month, as well as some offers for new clothes friends children never used, and some hand me downs (which I always accept with open arms... who doesn't?)

So by the end of January I will be able to have a final list of stuff we need before May... This is all going by SO fast!

Oh, and Happy New Year!


shannon said...

Well I just had a babygirl 9/25 n shes out growing things fast so if theres anything u need just let me know Im sure by the time ur lil one is here Ill have all kinds of things.Im on ur FB page (Shannon Dunford)Ill go threw her stuff when I get some time n let u know.Love the sports shirts ur husband bought the baby.

chad * kaity * kami * truffy said...

I bet you are beyond excited to finally be shopping on the PINK SIDE of the stores!!! You got some cute stuff:) I shopped Gymbo RBS last week and Kambria is now all set for Summer!

The Elwood Family said...

I cannot wait to go to Carters when I get a couple coupons... But first I really need to focus on getting her room done after the bump in the road we had last week... We went from having an almost cleared out nursery to an entire bedroom full of furniture... we need to empty it all out again.
It turned out to be total unnecessary stress.