Sunday, March 6, 2011

Baby Shower Saturday!

Yesterday was my baby shower. My sister completely rocks, and what was supposed to be a small sprinkle for the baby girl, turned in to an amazing afternoon with friends, and family that really made me know how much we are loved, and how much Little Miss Baby A is already loved and she isn't even here yet!

I got a ton of stuff, from clothes, to a cloth diaper cake, and amazingly beautiful name blocks for her room made by my bestie Kaitlyn. Oh, and I can't forget my dream SkipHop diaper bag. We are certainly all set for her!

I wanted to share a couple pictures, and of course a video of what my husband, and the boys were doing while all the ladies got together for the celebration of the first baby girl in our family since I was born way back when...
My sister did a great job decorating, and putting as much as she could together despite childcare falling through, and a very bumpy week in her household. She did great though! Of course we are all our own very biggest critics right?

Kaitlyn and Angela with her daughter Addy

Despite everyone's best efforts to get me in the "chair of honor" I was most comfortable on the floor... So I won opening presents in front of the entertainment center. LOL

Steph was my sidekick handing me presents, and keeping me semi organized in the sea of pink baby stuff.

This is the cloth diaper, diaper cake... First time I have ever saw one! How awesome is that??

Kathi with Addy... She was the hit of the party!
Then it was cake time... My sister ordered it from the local grocery store, and instructed them that she wanted as much pink as possible... she was not happy with the cake, but it was delish!My friend Sabrina that lives upstate CT is due about a week after I am, and she came down to join in the festivities. She is also having a little girl, Caitlin.

And then came the cake incident... LOL! While about 4 of us adults were standing right there, Jake accidentally leaned his entire arm right into the cake. He was so upset, but accidents happen! LOL

Overall it was a great day. Much more than I ever expected, or could have asked for. Now comes the real work... organizing and putting everything away, while doing my thank you notes for everyone.

So while Mommy had her shower... the boys went with Daddy to a fire department event. A bowl-a-thon for victims of domestic violence that their team raised over $1200 for! I have a great video of the boys (firemen and my children) dancing to the YMCA. I have to figure out how to link it up on here though, so it may take a couple days. By the time my boys were returned to me, they were EXHAUSTED!
Thanks to the guys from the Echos for being a second family and helping Will all day with them... Not that he needed the help, but any extra hands are always welcome!


chad * kaity * kami * truffy said...

Was such a fun afternoon! Lil Miss A got hooked up:) *I'm glad you love the blocks*

Anonymous said...

How cute! So if you're calling her Baby A, does that mean you have picked out a name starting with A? Have you shared the name yet?

The Elwood Family said...

All that we have shared is that her name begins with an A. Everyone will find out her name in May when she is born :)