Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bath Time & New Camera Lens

I splurged on myself and bought a "nifty fifty" lens for my camera. I haven't bought any new accessories for the Nikon since I bought it last January, so it was long due. Especially after scoring bonus pay in January, and February, and of course in March too...

But I found a good deal on amazon, and with the baby coming, I really wanted to get the lens because it is supposed to be great for up close pictures of children and especially newborns. So I guess there was more motive... Haha!

Tonight I put both boys in the bath after dinner because they were due, and of course dinner made a giant mess, so I took a couple pictures with the new lens.

How can dirty kids be so cute? Oh that's right... because they are mine! LOL

They love bubble baths... that is for sure!

Overall, a good day in our house since I got two posts up in one day, I certainly have been slacking lately... Oh, and don't you love the new background and edits? I had a blast working on it last weekend!

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