Friday, April 1, 2011

34 weeks 4 days...

Yesterday I was 34 weeks 4 days pregnant, and I took a little bit of time to finally take a couple belly pictures. People have been pestering me about it since I haven't done it since I was in my early second trimester...

But lets be honest here... I feel like a house, so the last thing I want to be doing is showing off my pregnant body!

Although after posting these on facebook, my friends and family made me feel like I look fantastic!

Funny thing about this picture... a woman I know from the birth community that I have talked with a ton in the past couple years left a comment on this picture... Her 9 year old daughter walked by the computer as she was scrolling through the pictures and saw this... and her 9 year old says "Who is that? SHE LOOKS AWESOME!" Talk about an ego boost!

I am still tossing around the idea of getting professional maternity pictures done. I have like... A WEEK to make the decision, but I would love to do some with the kids and Will... plus this is the last time I will have the opportunity since we are done having kids, so that is really weighing heavily on my decision. Hmm!
What do you think?

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Sandy said...

You DO look fantastic! Pregnant bellies are awesome! I say go ahead for the professional shots. That's something I wish I would have done with all of my kids.