Saturday, May 14, 2011

Busy Week!

We survived the week, and all three children are alive, healthy, and happy. I was scared Monday when Will went back to work, but everything worked out great!

Monday night we went to the softball game, which also doubled as a brush fire right at the field. Yes, Addie's first fire department outing actually turned into a fire. Go figure right? It was also the boy's first "fire" too.

By the way, most of the guys still continued to play through the fire. LOL!

Friday was my two week postpartum appointment, my OB/GYN said everything looks great, and I am officially able to drive again. SCORE! Being stuck in the house was really starting to wear on me. It sucked being stuck in the house with three kids and not being able to leave. I certainly plan on lots of activities now!

After Grandma watched the boys on Friday, Camden went home with her for a slumber party for the night. Originally Ben was supposed to go, but there was no way she was leaving without Camden. So instead we avoided a huge meltdown and she took the big kid. They had a blast.
They went to the boat yard to see Grandpa at work, and his big ship, the playground and all kinds of stuff. To be a kid again right?

Last night Ben spent the night with his Lala, and Addie also spent two hours with her and him while Will and I had some time out of the house to ourselves. It was amazing.

This weekend Addie goes to Grandmas house for Saturday night while the boys stay home with Lala and we go to a wedding. Then Sunday is Ben's second birthday party. Where does time go? My little boy is SO big!

Oh, and today Addie is two weeks old! Time is flying by!


mom2natnkatncj said...

Wow, you're brave for leaving the baby for so long. I couldn't do it. How do you have enough of a milk supply to do that already?

The Elwood Family said...

I have enough milk to leave her alone for an entire week already pumped and saved in my freezer. I have a huge supply and have been pumping almost daily since my milk came in when she was 2 days old.

But, its not brave... We have had plans to go to this wedding since before I got pregnant in August, so we couldn't back out at this point. Not only that but it is one of my best friends.
Thankfully it is a night thing. The wedding starts at 7 and goes till around midnight, so I will be apart from her from about 5pm on Saturday night till early Sunday morning.

mom2natnkatncj said...

See, I'd bring my 3 week old nursing baby with me. Heck my 3 month old would come with me because I haven't given her a bottle. And if my friend didn't understand why I had to bring my newborn baby then I guess I'd have to wonder how good of a friend she is. Most people who don't allow kids at a wedding do it because of the cost because you can't get a cheaper plate of food for a child, but you wouldn't have that problem with a nursing baby so just not sure why they would have a problem with you bringing the baby. To each his own though.

The Elwood Family said...

Oh I am not worried about her having a bottle, she already has with no issue.

I would not want to bring her to the wedding, it is going to be loud, and more of a "party". Her description since she started planning was "I want a party with a side of wedding" I dont mind though, we certainly need a night out alone :)

Doreen Lombardo said...

I wouldn't bring a baby to a wedding. No way. Why go if you have to worry about a baby. I left mine with family or good friends. I'd do exactly what Danielle is doing. Let grandma watch the kids and enjoy an adult only night out with hubby. They deserve it.