Friday, May 20, 2011

Growing Like A Weed!

Today Addie went for her 3 week weigh in. We have been watching her weight since birth because she was such a peanut, but she seems to be growing like a weed! Here are her stat's thus far:

Birth : 5lbs 12oz
Hospital Discharge: 5lbs 9oz
1 week weigh in : 5lbs 13oz
3 week weigh in : 6lbs 15.5oz which they rounded up to 7lbs!

For the first time out of all three of the children, I am 100% confident in breastfeeding, and know she is getting exactly what she needs!

She is also up to 19 3/4 inches from 19 inches at birth!

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Doreen Lombardo said...

So glad to hear she's doing so well. She's so cute. She gained a lot in just 2 weeks, that's great.