Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Birthday and Beach Pictures

On Sunday we went to my parents house with the kids for cake, and to "celebrate" my birthday with my family. Since my Dad is working on Saturdays now, we jused used our typical Sunday Dinner for the celebration which included my favorite... ice cream cake!

We also took the kids to the beach so we could collect rocks for a craft project I am working on for my website in the upcoming weeks.

Addie hanging out in the stroller before we left for our walk

Daddy climbing the rocks

Cuddling his little girl

For once I am in front of the camera... LOL!

Enjoying the beach

Putting her feet in the water for the first time!

The boys playing

Ben with the shoes that we magically didn't make it back to the house with... He threw them out of the wagon somewhere along the way, and we haven't seen them since.

Addie going back to sleep... with her sea view...

The only thing I asked for... My ice cream cake!

Blowing out my candle... Haha!
Apparently I am 1.

Me and Camden, and Addie... I got way red at the beach!
Happy 26!
My Mom, Ben, Camden, Me, and Addie...

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