Sunday, June 12, 2011

Proud Mom!

This week has brought a ton of accomplishments for our boys becoming "big boys" and I couldn't be more happy!

First... The boys have been sleeping in their beds, all night long. No coming into my bed... no getting up 2-3 times a night, no issue staying in their bed... nothing!

This is a huge accomplishment for both boys. Ben because he has been used to sleeping in an enclosed area whether it is a crib, or playpen. Camden because he had no interest in leaving my bed at all, and it was becoming a nightmarish situation!

Second, we have officially finally rid Camden of diapers 100%! He had been using cloth diapers, and underwear for a couple weeks, but after an overnight trip to Grandma's house, we haven't had one single accident. I am beyond ecstatic because it has been a really long process with him. Most of the tricks that people suggested simply did not work.

I am planning on writing a long post about the process because it was so unique, but I am sure there are other mothers out there who had a child in the same exact position, and went through the same process the way we did. And when I say I tried everything... I tried everything short of duct taping him to the toilet all day.

It is weeks like this that the stress of motherhood truly meets the blessings mothers are given.

Lets hope this coming week will be as good!


Anonymous said...

LOL, Love how all it takes is a trip to Grandma's house! But be prepared for him to have accidents and have a pack of pull-ups handy, just in case.

The Elwood Family said...

We are actually skipping pull-ups altogether. When we used them for him, he thought it was just another diaper and treated it like a personal toilet and had no interest in the potty at all.
Now when we leave the house we have his potty seat insert for public toilets (so he doesnt fall in) extra pants/shorts and more underwear, on top of all the other diapers, and gear we need for the other two kids. LOL

Doreen Lombardo-Campisi said...

Sometimes something just clicks with a kid and overnight, bam, they change. That happened with a friend's kid. He was a horrible eater and then one day... it was like a new child. Amazing.