Monday, July 25, 2011

Dirty Little Boys

Only a few short hours after the boys were clean, slept, and then woke up, my father came by so Will could help him load on our spare dryer since theirs kicked the bucket last week.

Little did Dad know he was going to end up helping Will shovel a ton of dirt we need to lay around our yard. Earlier in the spring we had our front walk finished finally. Will had started it 2+ years ago when he was laid off, and virtually the week after it was all ripped up, he got a call back about a job he had interviewed for, and had no time to finish.

Well now we are leveling out portions of the yard, including the front where the new walk went in... and the dogs pen in the back yard because so much dirt has washed away in the couple years we have been here.

So needless to say the boys have been eying the giant pile of 13 yards of dirt since it was delivered at the start of the week. It had been WAY too hot to go out and play in it though... so with the cool down yesterday, Mommy dealing with the baby, and Daddy and Grandpa watching the boys they took full advantage of it...

This is what I came outside to after feeding Addison...

Thanks to Grandpa MoMo for the fun, although now my bath tub needs a nice cleaning too! Maybe I can get him to come over and clean it for me since this was his bright idea!

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