Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy Five Months Addie!

Addison turned five months old this week, and she also had her check up with our pediatrician.
She is doing awesome, making all her milestones, sitting up, and of course trying incrediblyhard to bring a little tooth to the surface of her gums. Teething isn't even the word forwhat she is doing.

She is now in all of her 3-6 month clothes, even though she can still fit into a hand full of 0-3 month things. But all of her baby shoes, excluding her Robeez, are still too big. I guess she is
going to have small feet like I do!

She is starting to pay attention to things, surroundings, and people more. When I took this picture Ben was over to the side distracting her. "Baby goo gooo!" That is what he calls her.

She loves playing in her crib, which is the most attention the crib gets, although I am considering putting her in there at night because she is sleeping for longer stretches at night. She loves sitting in there playing with her owl pillow, baby doll, or whatever toy of the day she has.

She is a cuddlier, and a Daddy's girl. When Will comes home for the day she lights up like a Christmas tree... No lie!

She is still breastfeeding great. Since she turned 4 months old we have done brown rice cereal one day a week, and she is finally starting to get the hang of it, but not overly interested. One day at a time right?

Her stats? She is 13 pounds 2 ounces, and 24 inches tall! She is growing great, and her pediatrician is completely happy with her growth and development, as am I. I am not overly worried about weight or anything else this time around, I am just enjoying our little girl and
soaking up the amazing job of being a mom!

Oh and I captured this picture today, and it totally melts my heart... The boys love her so much!
I think this is a framed mantel kind of picture!

I just wish I could get Ben into pictures these days!

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