Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Addie's Birthday Party

On Sunday we celebrated our baby girl's first birthday party... She isn't a baby anymore!  While I had a couple breakdowns of tears, it was a beautiful day.

Addison's cake! It not only was pretty, but it was absolutely delicious!

Will decided to get Addison thee biggest Minnie Mouse balloon he could find. Can you tell Addie has him wrapped around his finger?

My mother always does amazing with the decorations, Addie's party was no difference!

Addie with the #1 man in her life. Can you tell Will hates being in pictures?

Grandma having fun with Addie. If you can't tell from the picture, she is clapping!
Grandma even decorated the highchair at her house for the birthday girl!

 Waiting patiently for cake and wondering why there was a room full of adults staring at her and taking pictures of her.

You told me cake... I am still waiting so I am going to eat my necklace!

Oh cake! There it is! Give it to me!

This is fun!

Oh this stuff actually is food? I can eat this?
I think she wore more than she ate, but it was fun!

Then for the traditional bath in Grandma's kitchen sink. Three kids and counting!
I love this picture of Dylan with Addie. Now if I could just con him into a haircut!

Then came present time! She got all kinds of cool stuff. A purse and doll house from Grandma, a ton of sundresses and bathing suits. Adorable nightgowns and lots of Little People!

Addie's friend Caitlin came to hang out too. How cute are they together? Caitlin is about three weeks younger than her.
She actually kept the birthday hat on for a while! I was really surprised!

Overall we had an awesome day. I will post more pictures when I go through and edit some more of other people, and also collect the pictures that friends took!

I can't believe our baby girl is a year old!

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