Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day

Every Memorial Day is exciting in our house because Daddy gets all dressed up and marches in the Parade. Maybe next year the boys will be able to join him, but this year I couldn't have been more proud of him.

I was so mad at myself because I didn't realize I had brought my camera, but the battery wasn't inside it until the parade had started already. So I had to make the best of it with my iPhone.

Will and the other two men in the fire house who are also Veterans wore the uniforms of the branch of the military they served in. I think this is a great touch and a lot of the people watching the parade really enjoyed it. Will & Sarge wore the Marine Corp uniforms. Chris wore his Army uniform.
They looked sharp!

I love this picture. It was probably my other favorite from the parade. This is the old Antique fire engine they restored last year. It has been sitting in the basement of the fire house for decades neglected. They did an awesome job!

Like always, after the parade we headed up to the White Hills fire house for a picnic. This is really the kick off to the summer for all of us. I cherish the time that the fire departments come together as a huge family. This is me and "Panda" as the kids call her.  

I also cornered my Stephie for a picture. She was there with Dan and baby Scarlett who I just wanted to EAT!  I love chubby babies!

It was a great holiday all around, I wish I had remembered my stupid camera battery though. I don't foresee me living that one down anytime soon!

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