Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Fun

I have been slacking on updating the blog, but between adventures and being so tired out at the end of the day, I haven't really thought about updating the blog.

Yesterday we spent some time with Mom and Aunt Cindy and went swimming. I got these pictures of the kids.

Addie hung out in the kiddie pool with Grandma

The boys and I joined Aunt Cindy in the pool. She will probably kill me for putting her on the blog. LOL

Benny with his floaty on before getting into the pool.
He is doing pretty good but still needs someone to hold onto him while he is in the pool because the water at Grandma's is too tall for him.

Camden and his floaty before going into the pool.
He is doing fantastic this year. We already got the doggy paddle down, and he swims all around without any help at all. He will also jump into the pool and go under water, and knows to close his eyes and hold his breath.

Addie and Camden trying to go into Grandma's house nice and wet. HA!
He is such a great big brother.
Ben is coming around day-by-day, I am sure it is the age.

This was at Angela's pool last week. They do great in the low end of the pool because they can touch without going under water.

In other news besides swimming, the boys took this adorable picture with their friend Kayla on the 4th of July when we went to the fireworks. All the kids were allowed to play (with adult supervision) on the top of one of the fire trucks, and watch the fire works from the top.
They loved it!

Addison got her first Little Brother Loopsy... I think her brothers like it more than she does.

Her new obsession is Sesame Street. Any time of the day she can go for some Elmo or Grover and Big Bird. When I was in Target on Sunday I saw Follow that Bird on the $5 movie wall and grabbed it. It was MY favorite movie when I was little, and they re-released it for the 25th anniversary. We have been watching it all week, and Camden will actually sit and watch the whole movie. This is the first full movie he has sat long enough to watch, and has asked me to put on again. 
There is something special about sharing movies like this through generations.

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