Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summertime Pictures

I have really been behind in updating here, and posting pictures. So I am going to post a ton of pictures from the summer thus far. Once the kids are back in school I will have a little bit more time to keep all of my lovely friends and family members who read here more "in the know".

Ben & Addie playing at Grandma's house

 When I ask Ben to pose or smile these days.
This is the face he lives.

 Addie helped Grandma in the kitchen.
Daddy took her brothers to see the Monster Trucks.

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 This is what happens when you are the only
Grand daughter in the family. Grandma decides
to play dress up with you!

I was so happy to be back from BlogHer in NYC.
We were all hanging out and they gave me flowers.
My boys are so sweet!

This is how Addison likes to sleep now.
On her bear, with her blankie.

One Saturday, La La took the kids to the zoo.
All three of them. I was shocked and had no idea what to
do with myself for the day.
I headed to Starbucks, tried a new Frap and of course
wrote two chapters in my book. It felt so good!
Last weekend I went buck ass wild in Addie's room.
I packed away and gave away all the stuff she has grown out of.
The boy's bedroom! 

 Ben's typical smerk no matter how hard I try to get him to smile.
 Addie is a typical toddler... wanting to climb UP the slide.

 We swung while her brothers ran dozens of laps around the playground.

 We all got in the tunnels to play together.
We had so much fun, and discovered a new playground, we will be back soon!

Ben has decided he no longer needs a nap during the day.
Yes, this completely sucks, because really... he still NEEDS one.
This is him right before dinner time.
Almost nightly now.

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