Friday, October 19, 2012

Pumpkin Picking

Last year we started a new family tradition. Going pumpkin picking at Jones Farm with our close friend Hillary and her four boys. Dylan, Jamie, Jack and Charlie. The boys all LOVE hanging out together, and Addie... well, she is just happy with all the attention she soaks in.

I didn't get a ton of good pictures, but I did get some!

The boys were all about the gourds and different color pumpkins.
Addie just wanted to be included. LOL
I LOVE this picture of Camden.
He is the only one who actually wanted to sit down and pose for pictures, and actually include a smile.

As you can tell, I got the best pictures of Camden. 

Ben wanted no part of pictures...

Addie just wanted to run around and play with all of them!

 I caught this one of her and just love the background.
Most of the pictures I snapped of Addison ended up being the back of her head. She was just too interested in everything going on to stop for pictures.

All the kids! 
As you can probably tell, Addie wasn't interested.
Poor Dylan didn't know what to make of her trying to wiggle away.

Hay ride!
I don't know HOW Jamie wasn't freezing his butt off!
Although I have seen him in December in SHORTS!

Addie decided she wanted to sit with Hillary on the hay ride.
Oh then she decided she wanted to get up and walk around because it wasn't exciting enough for her!

The couple pictures of the landscape that I took, all included that orb.
But NONE of the other pictures had it.
Someone special was with us all day.

This is the best picture I got of all the kids together.
Ben was mad.
Addison was distracted.
And poor Camden was just holding onto her arm for dear life making sure she didn't run away.

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