Saturday, November 17, 2012


(Better late than never right?)

Hurricane Sandy roared through our area Sunday into Monday and a little bit overnight into Tuesday. We were very lucky to remain with power and had limited damage. Others (like my parents) weren't as lucky, as they are still without power.

We did a little bit of "trick or treating" this week, but there were a lot of neighbors without power still. This weekend they have re-scheduled a lot of the activities.

I wanted to share a couple of the pictures thus far.

The boys at the "Kids Night Out" Halloween party. The mask's didn't stay on long.

Addison slept through the whole thing.

Camden waiting to get his face painted like Spider Man.

Waiting in line got a little tedious! 

Carving pumpkins!

Or maybe we should just say mangling them.

Halloween night

Ben as Iron Man!

All of the kids in the neighborhood
(Well, most of them)

Addie decided to join in for this picture.

The week before Halloween, we dressed up and went next door to visit with our
favorite neighbors, and they made all the kids their own special Halloween baskets
even though they don't do the whole "trick or treat" thing.

The kids LOVE Tom, and follow him around like the pied piper.

The kids with Tom and Carol.

A better picture with everyone looking.

I love this picture of Ben.
He looks SO grown up!

He had a blast carving pumpkins too.
(Sorry my pictures are out of order, my computer hates me today)

The final picture of them all together on Halloween night.
Overall we had a blast despite the storms derailing Halloween.

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