Monday, November 16, 2009


I have recently decided I am crafty and started making things and selling them on etsy. The problem is, they aren't selling. LOL
I am trying to figure out at this point what I am doing wrong and go from there, but everyone keeps telling me it is all about networking and patience, which everyone who knows me, knows that I do not have patience at all, and at the same time, my husband is becoming increasingly frustrated at the amount of money going into it, while none is coming out. But all husbands would be.

So I am going to just keep working on it, posting about my shop, and really just try and make more stuff, maybe more than people would want.
So I figured I would post a couple things I have made...


mom2natnkatncj said...

You might also want to look around for some craft shows or something too to do on the weekends. Especially this time of year. You might have a little more luck at something like that. Keep your Etsy store open, but just to make your husband a little less upset about no profits maybe doing that you can break even and it would be a way to promote your store as well. It would be helpful too if you printed up some fliers with your web address and posted them places.

The Elwood Family said...

I have been looking into it. There was one this past Saturday, but they wanted $130 for a table!!! EEP