Tuesday, March 9, 2010

100th Post!

I can't believe this is the 100th update post on our family. It seems like I just started writing a blog to keep our friends and family updated, and now here it is two years later...To celebrate, I wanted to share new pictures of the boys. They are from two weekend's ago, but I have had a busy 2 weeks and not enough time to put them up!
Camden was having a blast on the swing outside with Aunt Cindy!Ben was hanging out inside with Grandma, and Uncle Steve.Then it was time for dinner and Camden wanted to feed himself. LOL
I got caught in front of the camera instead of behind it like usual.After dinner, we had some play time.Daddy and Grandma had fun posing Ben on Camden's Dump Truck.

Mommy, it is too bright out here! (Daddy trying to hide behind Ben for no pictures LOL)
Camden did a great job sharing with his little brother.
Ben was so funny on Camden's Motorcycle.
Camden didn't care, he got to play on Grandpa's. LOL
Then Grandpa posed for a picture!And the day ended with Grandpa and Camden going for a ride. LOL

It was a great day, and it is nice that the weather is starting to warm up. We are planning on going to the park today sometime. I was going to head down to moms after she got out of work, but I just don't want to wait till after 3!

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