Monday, April 19, 2010

Finally at Peace

When we got our tax return this year, Will and I had discussed finally purchasing a headstone for his brother who died nearly 3 years ago, Christopher.After pricing them out, and doing our taxes, we put in a deposit and ordered his stone.

This past week, one afternoon on his way home from work Will stopped into the cemetery, as he does about twice a week since his route home from work brings him right by, and he was pleasantly surprised to see Chris's stone set in the ground.

Yesterday before we went to my nephew Jake's Birthday Party we went to the cemetery as a family with the children and cleaned the stone off and placed some flowers. Camden is getting to the age now where he slightly understands what is going on, though he did keep asking "Where is Uncle Chris?" (his new thing is asking where people are)

Camden getting ready to put flowers on Chris's grave.

Putting the flowers down

Giving Uncle Chris a kiss.

Rest in Peace Chris, finally.

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