Thursday, April 15, 2010

Softball Practice with Daddy

Now that the Fire Fighter 1 class that Will has been taking is coming to an end, the Fire Department got a local sponsor, and they formed a Echo Hose Softball Team. Of course with Will's love for sports, and talent, he had to join. For the next month or so we are going to have work, class, and softball practice overlapping, but I think I have got the hang of all the time he is away lately. Thinking about it, and talking it over, we know it is better off because if/when Will does get a job on a paid department, I am going to be solo Monday - Friday while he goes through the Academy, then hectic hours.
Anyways, yesterday the kids and I joined Will and a couple of the other firemen for softball practice, and of course, my camera came along for the fun.
Ben enjoying the grass, but the sun, no so much. LOL

Camden getting into the game with DaddySome of the other firemen throwing the ball around
Right around the time Camden started getting bored...

Yes, I am a completely corny mother who had both of my children in matching shirts. Sue me, I think it is adorable. LOL!
So look forward to some pictures from more softball practices, games, and other activities that will be coming this summer. I can't wait for the weather to start to get warmer and all the other activities we can get into.

In the next few weeks, a couple of my activity goals consist of the beach, the zoo, and a trip to New Haven to the Cupcake truck with the whole family.

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