Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Birthday LaLa & Uncle David!

Last night we got most of the family together to celebrate (early) LaLa & Uncle David's birthday. We were lucky enough to have Uncle David and Aunt Betty come all the way down from Canada (2 day trip) to celebrate!It was great to meet them for the first time, and have them spend time with our boys!I thought I would share some pictures for those who couldn't be there with us.

Benjamin & Auntie Liz
Will & his Dad monkeying around.... like usual.Daddy giving Camden a kiss.
Will's Mom Brenda, Aunt Betty, and Uncle David.A picture of the whole table, minus Will who was taking the picture.
Despite bringing toys to play with, this became the favorite toy of the night. After Camden was done, it ended up on Auntie Liz's head, and I think Grandpa's head too!
Will putting Ben to sleep.
La La opening her cards & gifts
A family picture Aunt Betty took of us.
The Birthday Cake

We had a great time, and a beautiful weekend of visits with family. We are hoping to make it up to Canada sometime in the future, but only after we make it to Boston sometime this summer. I originally discussed going to DC with the family this summer for a weekend trip, but after some discussion, we settled on a weekend in Boston. Plus it is closer so the car ride won't be as long for the kids!

Lots of May Birthdays! Auntie La La, Uncle David, and Ben in a few weeks.

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