Monday, May 3, 2010

Surprise Play Date

We were in the neighborhood of my cousin the other day, so we thought we would drive by and see if they were home. Fortunately for the kids, they were and Camden got to play with his little cousin Donald for a bit.
They were absolutely adorable playing together, giving hugs, and sharing! Donald is about 10 months younger than Camden.Donald giving Camden a hug.
Guys, look and smile... and that is what I got... LOLMy poor little Ben has been teething so badly (getting 4 teeth at once right now) that he chews on his bink every chance he gets. Along with all the other teething toys in tow.

Little Donald, he is so cute!

It was nice to have a little bit of time to get the boys together since they are all around the same age. Donald also has a little brother who is 6 months younger than Benjamin. I can tell the upcoming years are going to be exciting!

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