Thursday, May 13, 2010

One Year Ago Today

One year ago today, I was at my last midwife appointment before I went into labor with Ben. It seems a little unreal that he is a less than a week away from being an entire year old. I cried on Camden's first birthday, and I am sure I will for Benjamin also.

I was so good at NOT getting my picture taken when I was pregnant that I struggled to find a picture of me towards the end of my pregnancy with Ben.

I went or my normal weekly check up at this point. I was 38 weeks and in and out of prodomal labor for a good 2 weeks at this point. But since Camden wasn't really concerned with joining us, I figured Ben would be the same way. I was fully expecting Benjamin to be born in June.

To my surprised at my visit I was certainly on my way to being fully effaced, and I was teetering on a whopping 2cm dilated. When Kathy G was done she didn't give me a week till my next appointment, although we scheduled one. I knew that I had to make it through the baby fair that was scheduled for Saturday. That is a whole other tale in Benjamin's history for later in the week though.

Sort of bittersweet I guess.

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