Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Weather & Head Shots

This weather SUCKS!

After the softball game which left me as a momcicle the other night, I refuse to bring the children out for any outdoor activities. It is just too cold. Heck, the other night, if there was precipitation, we could have actually got SNOW in MAY! What the heck?

It is becoming a project to find projects to keep the kids entertained without going outside. Once the weather got nice we were doing outdoor activities daily. Now, not so much.
I have gone through all my fun indoor projects for the kids, I have watched Cars more times than I can even count, and I am just at a loss all over again.

On a lighter note, last night I went to see my best friends father, Robert Taylor Photography to get a couple head shots done for the Lamaze project I am working on. It is going to be launching sometime next week, so when I get the green light, I will write a post about it with the information. But for the time being, it is still in the "super secret" mode.

I can't wait to get the e-mail with the pictures sometime today. I am on the edge of my seat, although I hate, hate, HATE getting my picture taken professionally. It just never looks right to me.
On a lighter note, yesterday my enV Touch was delivered. The FedEx guy waited until 2:57 to deliver the package basically screwing my whole day up because I had to be here to sign for it. Of course they called to say the delivery would be sometime BEFORE 3. UGH!
I am still learning how to use it, but I can say it is a refreshing downgrade from my blackberry. It will also help us to lower our cell phone bill. We both see no reason to be paying nearly $150 a month for our two cell phones when we also have a house phone. It simply was foolish.


chad * kaity * kami * truffy said...

momcicle lol! So have you seen your pics yet? And I totally agree...bring on the nice weather so that we can more easily entertain our children!!!

The Elwood Family said...

I saw them that night, but Laurie is retouching them right now. She said they will be done in the next couple days then she will e-mail them to me. I am on edge! I can't wait to see them!!!!