Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Delay Shmalay!

Benjamin surprised us all while we were at the beach yesterday! He sat up on his own. No assistance, no help, no leverage, nothing. Just sat right up the way the women who evaluated him said he should be sitting himself up.

But he didn't do this once or even twice. He did it 3 times!

I think this is a much more positive start to the services he is going to need, and it makes me feel better that he is probably just later doing things than it actually being an issue with the muscle tone in his lower back.

A couple days ago I found him trying to stand himself up the way that the evaluators also said he should be trying. I really think the second half of his evaluation was not as accurate as it could have been because he was pissed off and he is stubborn when doing things he really isn't into.

A slight relief because I don't think this will be as long of a road as I was originally thinking.


mom2natnkatncj said...

see, it's already helping ;). Sometimes just getting some different ideas really helps to get them on track. They do usually take into account that he's not going to perform as well for strangers though which is why they ask you a million questions and if you feel it's an accurate showing of what he is capable of doing.

The Elwood Family said...

He hasn't had any services at all yet. So I think he is just making progress on his own.