Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Beach Bums

I have been wanting to make it to the beach for a while. I tried to wait till my sure cute vintage tankini came in, but Dee, a friend of mine extended the offer to head to Penfield beach in Fairfield, someplace we have never been so of course I jumped on it..

We packed the kids in her Explorer (thank gosh for those third rows!) and off we went. After a minor bug spray incident in the car (that is a tale for a whole other day) we were off.

We got there around 11am and set up shop. Two blankets, 4 beach chairs, an umbrella for Mr. Benjamin and set up our snacks.The kids couldn't wait to get in the water!
Although Camden's healthy fear of water became very helpful though out the day as I watched Alex Dee's son become more and more daring. We both joked someone was going to have to go in and rescue him shortly.

Just got to the beach, having some fruit snacks before Mommy lathered him up with suntan lotion. LOL
Ben hanging out in his little shady cabana. LOL
Camden is such a beach boy! In and out of the water, playing in the sand, digging holes, you name it, he did it today!

Alex during one of our many water breaks.
For once, I turned the camera on myself!
Ben hanging out with Dee. He was so happy to be at the beach too. Because of course, sand tastes awesome!

Of course it wouldn't be an Elwood family adventure if something random, and completely out of the blue didn't happen right? I am sitting there watching the kids, and this woman starts walking towards us. She was about the age of my grandmother, at least, and she was wearing a bikini. Yes, a small little two piece. EEK! While the bikini is something she should not have been wearing, it wasn't until she turned around that I was shocked..

That is not just a butt crack hanging out... that is an ENTIRE BUTT! The front of her bathing suit bottom was unable to be seen at all! I was completely shocked! By the time I grabbed my camera for proof (because I knew NO ONE would believe me!) she was a little ways down...

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