Saturday, June 5, 2010

Guess who is Sponsored?

Well, just when we all thought it was the Week of Will, I got some exciting news myself. Not only was my BlogHer ticket finally purchased after I have been searching for someone selling one for nearly 2 months, but I got the green light to reveal my BlogHer 2010 sponsor!

That's right! My Sponsor!
Without any further a due!

Lamaze!! While it is a small sponsorship, it is meaningful to me because of what it means long term. I am not only building my professional relationship with a company I am already blogging with, but also an Organization that I want to be affiliated professionally with for a long time.
I am over the moon!

BTW, the picture above is the backside of my cool new business card I am having printed up for the BlogHer conference.

This is the front! I am so excited. I am working on possibly a second sponsor to cover some of the odds and ends of my trip, train fare, possibly an overnight stay to lower my travel time, and some of the other costs I am going to rack up before August rolls around. But seriously... How exciting is this?

I never in a million years I would not only be a "famous" as I have become in the blogging community, but I also never thought I would make it to an actual BlogHer conference. Wow.. just WOW!

Sorry, I am still taking it all in. For the past couple days as this was all becoming more of a reality than an idea, I have had the world biggest butterflies in my stomach!

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