Friday, June 4, 2010

The Week of Will

Kicking it off with his picture of the front page of our local community newspaper The Huntington Herald while matching in the Parade.
When I scan the picture off of the newspaper, I will post it here.
Last night Will was unanimously voted in last night at Echo Hose. No more Probie or being in his "probational" period. He is a full member, voting power, all that fun stuff. It only took him a year, but needless to say, it was a LONG year!

So, being the super awesome wife I am, I set up some covert operations and ordered a cake, and had it picked up and delivered TO the fire department so he wouldn't see it in our house obviously.
So one of the guys texted me as the meeting was ending and I packed the kids up into the car and headed down the street to the fire house.

I went in the back door and up the 3 flights of stairs with both kids so no one would see me in front. Sneeeeky!

So I let Camden walk out into the main room, and Will was like... Uhhhh where did he come from, as I was still hiding!I got Junior (the guy who helped me set this all up) to get the cake, and you should have seen the look on Wills face!

Needless to say, all the guys were surprised and I was the FIRST wife in over 30 years (as long as anyone can remember) that has done this for her husband. SCORE!
That is why I am an awesome wife!

Anyways, the only picture I could get of Will, he of course was being goofy like always...

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